Ranking our Top 5 Medium Voltage Cable Manufacturers

Cable-X Opinion -Top 5 Medium Voltage Cable Makers

  1. Southwire
  2. The Okonite Company
  3. 1X Technologies Cable Company
  4. Nexans
  5. Prysmian / General Cable Company


#1.) Southwire

The top ranking on our Medium Voltage Cable manufacturer list goes to the largest wire & cable manufacturer in the United States, Southwire. They have a full line of MV cables and are known to have stock on most of the common sizes that builders and electrical construction companies use when it comes to medium voltage cable. Southwire is #1 in the USA for a reason, and they are #1 on our list of top medium voltage cable manufacturers.

#2.) The Okonite Company

Okonite comes in at #2 on our top 5 ranking of medium voltage wire & cable manufacturers. Okonite is America’s oldest existing independent manufacturer of wire and cable, in business since 1878. When it comes to Medium Voltage cables, 2.4KV through 35KV Okonite makes a strong case for being the best manufacturer. They have high standards and are known for quality and dependability.

#3.) 1X Technologies Cable Company

1X Technologies Cable Company comes in at #3 on our list of medium voltage cable manufacturers. 1X Technologies nets this spot on our list because when others do not have stock on an extra large size or are not able to manufacture the cable customers turn to 1X Technologies to fill their order. 1X is known for medium voltage cables in extra large sizes over 500 MCM, ranging up over 2000 MCM.

#4.) Prysmian / General Cable Company

Coming in at #4 is the worlds largest cable manufacturer, The Prysmian Group (including General Cable). Prysmian – General Cable is a formidable company and one of the global leaders in medium voltage cable manufacturing. Prysmian is located in Italy but now that they have purchased General Cable their operations in the United States have really taken off.

#5.) Nexans

Coming in at #5 is the world’s second largest cable company, Nexans. Located in France, with a distribution network in the United States and Canada, Nexans is a very good manufacturer for medium voltage cables with their brand “AmerCable“. Prevalent in the mining industry, Nexans Amercable is a top choice for rugged medium voltage cable.


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