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    What is the future potential of Solar Energy?

    Shedding Light on Solar’s Future Just 15%. This 15% is all we typically get out of a photo-voltaic solar cell when it comes to energy conversion. Something you may not realize is that Solar energy conversion is still in it’s infinite stages with new technology and development bridging the gap to gain the additional 85% of energy loss. When the day comes that solar cells capture even 70% of their potential the cost factor to install solar-photo-voltaic systems in commercial, industrial, and most importantly, residential will be far better than other means of generating energy in the future. How close are we to reaching 70% efficiency? Amazingly, utilizing multi junction…

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    Ranking our Top 5 Medium Voltage Cable Manufacturers

    Cable-X Opinion -Top 5 Medium Voltage Cable Makers Southwire The Okonite Company 1X Technologies Cable Company Nexans Prysmian / General Cable Company   #1.) Southwire The top ranking on our Medium Voltage Cable manufacturer list goes to the largest wire & cable manufacturer in the United States, Southwire. They have a full line of MV cables and are known to have stock on most of the common sizes that builders and electrical construction companies use when it comes to medium voltage cable. Southwire is #1 in the USA for a reason, and they are #1 on our list of top medium voltage cable manufacturers. #2.) The Okonite Company Okonite comes…

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    Trump supporters agree to seal deal on largest green solar energy project in human history

    Trump supporters work to build largest Solar Plant in history, 100 times larger than next biggest solar venture New York, NY–(Cable-X)  The largest most advanced solar energy project in the world has been agreed upon, and will be built under a partnership between Saudi Arabia and SoftBank. Each group has  been very vocal supporters of President Trump and have each met with the President and promised to invest massive amounts of money into the United States. It seems, just as their friend in the White House, they like to think really big. The massive solar project is said to be 100 times larger  than the next largest planned solar energy…

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    Aerospace Electrical Wiring Harness & Cable Assembly Update

    AEROSPACE Electrical Wiring Harnesses & Cable Assembly Market (2017-2021) With Key Players AMETEK, GKN, Nexans, 1X Technologies, Safran and Zodiac Aerospace DUBLIN–(Cable-X)–The “Global Aircraft Engine Electrical Wiring Harnesses and Cable Assembly Market 2017-2021” report has been added to ResearchAndMarkets.com’s latest offering. Aerospace Wire Harness & Cable Assembly Market Updated to show projections through 2021. Global aircraft engine electrical wiring harnesses and cable assembly market to grow at a CAGR of 6.5% during the period 2017-2021. The report has been prepared based on an in-depth market analysis with inputs from industry experts. The report covers the market landscape and its growth prospects over the coming years. The report also includes a discussion of the key…

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    Happy 40th Anniversary to Direct Wire & Cable

    Direct Wire & Cable is celebrating it’s 40th anniversary Denver, Pennsylvania [Cable-X News] 40 years is a very long time. Back in 1978 we literally lived in a different world. A world where there was no technology, no cell phones, and Georgia peanut farmer Jimmy Carter was President of the United States. Back then Direct Wire & Cable got their start much like Apple computers, Disney, Amazon, Google and others did by selling out of their Founder and CEO’s Richard Witwer’s garage.   The Garage business and success Going from garage to today operating a company which has a revenue over $40 Million dollars competing with companies like Southwire, General Cable,  1X…

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  • Copper Thieves hijack truck filled with copper wire ala fast and the furious
    Copper Theft


    Million dollar Miami Copper Cable Caper Solved, Cable Thieves get 4+ years in the Pen Miami, Florida  (Cable-X Wire & Cable Industry News)   You’ve heard it all now, truly… Sure, there have been pipes and wires missing from buildings, and a reel or two gets torn from an industrial yard, but that is not what happened in this case as two Miami men took a page straight from Fast & The Furious. They trailed 16-Wheeler’s, hijacking and stealing over $1.3 Million dollars worth of Copper Wire from Southwire and Hussey Copper Company in what will surely go down as strange of a copper cable caper as you will ever hear.…

  • Wire and cable news, wire & cable projections 2018 and beyond
    Insulated Wire & Cable News

    Insulated Wire & Cable News: New 2018 Wire & Cable Projections Worldwide

    Insulated Wire & Cable News: New 2018 Wire & Cable Projections Worldwide New York, NY (Cable-X News) Some new Insulated Wire & Cable News was recently announced. The new Insulated Wire And Cable Market Research Report that was recently released details past performance of the Insulated Wire And Cable industry and gives quite a bit of good information that anyone involved in the industry could find useful. The report estimates forthcoming Insulated Wire And Cable opportunities between the period 2018-2022. Likewise, the Insulated Wire And Cable market study provides a competitive overview of demand drivers. First, the Insulated Wire And Cable report illustrates a conventions, terminologies, and notations. Then, looking into basic…

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  • 新聞稿 - 美國電纜製造商供應中國

    新聞稿 – 美國電纜製造商供應中國

    新聞稿 – 美國電纜製造商供應中國 美國電纜製造商供應中國 (懷俄明州,美國 )– 我們製造和提供最高質量的美國製造的銅質電纜的中國公司。當你需要來自美國的最好的銅導體的時候,我們公司會為你提供世界上最好的電纜和電線從美國的海岸給你。   1X Technologies Your secret weapon custom cable manufacturer from 1X Technologies Cable Company       我們的任務: “因為你要質量,快!” “1X技術有限責任公司的使命是為電氣專業人士提供最先進的電線和電纜相關產品和知識,以滿足他們的需求,我們通過提供獨特解決方案的速度,原創性和力量,為他人創造價值可以提供,我們友善,知識淵博的專業人員真正脫穎而出,給予我們的客戶激勵,教育和解決問題的能力。“我們在這裡是因為”您需要高品質,快速!®“   美國電纜製造商供應中國   我們的願景: 我們會做別人不會做的,我們會為您提供價值,別人不可以。 我們的願景是成為世界上最終的特種電線電纜公司。我們將不懈地專注於尋找新的更好的方式,為您提供前所未有的價值。 我們的目標是創新,創造和設計先進的電纜解決方案,把技術的世界提高到一個新的水平。另外,我們正在努力建設更多的電線電纜王朝。具體來說,我們正在回饋我們所有的工作和生活的社區。 通過專注於以前從未有過的特種電線電纜的價值,我們可以通過慈善事業和社區反饋的共同成功,為我們的利益相關者帶來最好的回報       1X Technologies Cable Company – Wyoming USA     

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  • Buy General Cable, Buy Prysmian,

    Prysmian Pays Premium on General Cable to Buy American Market Share

    MILAN, ITALY (Cable-X) – Italian wire & cable manufacturer Prysmian Group (PRY.MI) has agreed to pay a nice bonus to buy U.S. rival General Cable (BGC.N) in a $3 billion deal struck despite competing bids from all over the world including China and Europe. This merger provides a gaping hole in the American Wire & Cable market for competitors to spring up. For companies like Belden Inc., Dekoron Wire & Cable, Okonite, 1X Technologies Wire & Cable, and R-SCC this will be an opportunity to gain market share. Whenever there is a merger or acquisition there is always going to be opportunity to pick up market share from multiple angles and…

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  • China Cable Fair - Cable-X Cable Finder News

    2018 Cable Guangzhou Export Fair

    GUANGZHOU GUANGYA MESSE FRANKFURT CO LTD PRESS RELEASE The Wire & Cable Guangzhou is back! The Fair will be held at the China Import and Export Fair Complex in Guangzhou, China, between 11-13 June 2018. The event is jointly organised by Guangzhou Guangya Messe Frankfurt Co Ltd, China Southern Power Grid Media Co Ltd, and Guangzhou BoYou Exhibition Service Co Ltd. Earlier in June 2017, the fair attracted a record 22,642 professional buyers. Of those buyers, 3,849 were from 42 overseas countries and regions. Celebrating its 10th anniversary, Wire & Cable Guangzhou will continue to serve as a marketing hub in introducing the latest products and solutions from the South China region.…